Clare and Gareth Cornelius – Triton Hall – 23 July 2016

Matthew Stephens Evening Wedding Package at Triton Hall

PHEW! What a nail-biter this one was! Clare and Gareth had been let down with only 24 hours notice by their chosen wedding singer and DJ! They had chosen their first dance song, You’re My Star by Stereophonics; and they wanted the song sang and played live on acoustic guitar as they danced. They also had a very large, pre-chosen selection of tracks they wanted to be heard at the disco. This had all been arranged with their wedding singer, but then their plans had been left in disarray at the last minute! What they needed was some kind of superhero wedding singer to come to their aid – enter MATTHEW STEPHENS – WEDDING DOCTOR!!!

   Gareth got in touch with me the night before and we discussed his predicament and I set about rectifying it for him. The first thing was his choice of wedding song – I’d never heard it! Now, playing songs is the easy part – the most time consuming part of learning a song is knowing the song off by heart and being able to remember it to start to be able to give a professional performance! You need time to absorb the music to then know how to play it. Luckily the song was relatively simple, so I just kept listening to it and was able to perform a version I was very happy with. 

   Then I had to gather the extensive playlist they had requested. Now, I do have a MASSIVE amount of music from which to play my DJ sets from but there were quite a lot of songs on there I simply didn’t have. So I had to spend the afternoon of the wedding downloading songs while learning their first dance song at the same time! It was a very busy day and I didn’t stop from opening my eyes in the morning to laying in bed that night with my ears ringing after a very lively DJ set at the lovely and beautifully decorated Triton Inn. 

  All in all a success; and a demonstration of what is possible from the wedding singer that is prepared to go the extra mile. 

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