Featured Wedding – Cath and Len’s Wedding at Ennerdale Country House on Friday 3rd March – 2017

Matthew Stephens Evening Wedding Party at Ennerdale Country House

Well, my first wedding blog entry of the year is for the very lovely Cathy and Len. I’ve been playing at lots of birthday parties and the likes so far this year, but this was actually my first wedding of the year! Strange for me to get to March and have not done one yet, but I’ve still been busy so I can’t complain. This actually turned out to be one of my most enjoyable weekends since becoming a full time wedding singer. As The lovely Ennerdale Country House is over a three hour drive from my house in the Lake District, I decided to stop over at the gorgeous Irton Hall to save me the daunting drive back at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning along the Lakes’ dangerous country roads that are sometimes little more than cattle tracks with a cliff edge either side! So as well as enjoying the wedding with the great, fun crowd Cathy and Len had invited, I got to enjoy a nice weekend away with my dogs and partner in a gorgeous part of the country! I love this job!
Cathy and Len hired me to sing at their drinks reception, during the evening party and to provide a DJ service to finish. The crowd were a lot of fun, we had lots of interactions and they gave me some requests, etc. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job, talking to the crowd, getting a feel of the music they like and generally trying to make them laugh and have a good time. Unless the situation calls for it I never just stand there playing songs like a robot. I feed off the crowd and the more I can interact with them – the better I play. There have been quite a lot of times when I only play what the crowd asks me to play – just abandoning my setlist and going purely on requests. Playing to the room instead of playing at them. 
   These guys were a very lively bunch and got more lively as the night went on! A gig is only ever as good as the audience and the people at this gig were a lot of fun.

After the buffet had been served it was time for the disco. I just wish i’d filmed it because the crowd were so responsive that it made my job as the DJ so easy! The dance floor was rarely empty and they were cheering at the end of each song and then cheering when they realised what the next song was! It was brilliant for me! I’ve never had a response quite like it! As I say, I just wish i had a record of it because I would use it for advertising! I’d like to think i had a little hand in them being so receptive, but more than anything I just think they were a really good crowd.
   As a DJ, sometimes it’s really hard to get a hook on a crowd. Trying to find the nice common ground that they like to keep them on the dance floor, but this crowd were the type that I wish could come with me everywhere I go!
   Cathy and Len seemed happy with the service I’d provided for them and said they would book me again. I really hope they do because sometimes you just get a good feeling from people and I got that from these two newlyweds. But, that’s the nature of this business – you converse with someone about their plans over a period of months, get to know them a little, have a great day’s celebration with them and then poof! You’re gone!
   It’s strange old business, but one I love. 

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