Featured Wedding – Clare And Andrew’s Wedding Celebration at MoonSha on 11th November 2017

Matthew Stephens Wedding Party at Moonsha, Derby

“Matt played at our evening wedding party, and we had a combination of acoustic and dj sets.” – Claire and Andrew – Derby

Derbyshire Wedding Singer

Clare and Andrew were married in Tokyo! Sounds amazing! But, as most people wouldn’t be able to make that mammoth journey, they decided to have a Japanese wedding celebration at the classy Moonsha Restaurant in their hometown of Derby. 

The happy couple decided to go along with my suggestion of having a set of live music as guests arrived. (See video beneath) This was music to be played at a volume that people could talk over and get acquainted with each other to. I often suggest this for parties – some live music of a customer’s liking being played as guests filter in. I think it adds a more personal feel and gives a nicer atmosphere than just some tracks, thrown on through the speakers. 

The bride and groom picked a lot of these songs (there were lots more too, but I didn’t want the video to be too long), I took some requests from the guests and I played some trusty classics as well. I tend to play for an hour but, as the room was still filling up after an hour, I did 90 minutes. I’m nice like that! 🙂 

Derbyshire Acoustic wedding singer

During the arrival music I could see and hear the room going from totally empty to a bustling room and by the time I had finished this set the buffet was almost due. So we had some tracks from the extensive playlist that the bride and groom had given me while people ate and let their food settle.

We then went into another hour long set of live music that had the dance floor full from the first song to the last! I loved all the crowd noise in as much because there was a large and loud crowd on the dance floor all the way through. (I’m gutted I didn’t get some footage of them partying away!) 

Clare and Andrew wanted an indie vibe with some 80’s thrown in for their entertainment music and I think I pretty much nailed that with this set. The crowd loved it too! They never left the dance floor from the start of Cecilia up until the end of the indie/80’s themed disco and they were STILL shouting for more at 2AM!! 🙂

The hours absolutely flew by for me and I know they did for the guests too!!

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