Featured Wedding – John and Gemma Begley – The Croft Hotel – 19th August 2016

Matthew Stephens Evening Wedding Package at The Croft Hotel

I was recently hired to play at the evening reception of John and Gemma’s wedding at the gorgeous Croft Hotel in Darlington and I was really happy to have been asked. John and Gemma are a great couple and were really nice and easy to get along with. Quite rarely, I had only dealt with John regarding the booking before the big day, (it’s nearly always the bride!!!) but he was so easy to deal with and everything was arranged as easily as I’ve ever experienced! Maybe we grooms should start getting involved a little more these days!? Maybe not! 🙂

The venue that had been chosen for the evening celebration was beautiful too and the one big thing that struck me at The Croft Hotel was the attention to detail – from the little touches laid out for the wedding party to the (uh-um) bathrooms, it was a gorgeous place. The staff were really helpful and accommodating and had me in place, ready to go, with everything planned with absolutely zero fuss.

The crowd were great too – very lively and fun to interact with. People were dancing and singing along and were really up for a laugh. They were a pleasure to play for. Everything from the booking, to the setting up, to the crowd, to the bride and groom from this wedding could be described in three words – easy and fun. That’s what it was for me. Such an easy process from start to finish that flowed perfectly without any hitches. I’m still shaking a chest infection off that hasn’t gone away in two weeks, so some of the singing could have been a little better I felt, but apart from that it was fun and easy from start to finish. I just hope the crowd felt the same!

When I was finished playing I was straight off for once as I wasn’t the DJ on this occasion, but I was very happy to have met the lovely couple, both were an absolute pleasure to talk to; and as always I really hope to see them again at some point. That’s the strange thing sometimes with this job – I meet and plan a wedding booking with people over a period of months usually; and find yourself really liking them. Then you meet on a big special day and then as quick as a flash it’s all over and you rarely see them again. Strange really. 

Anyway, I’m sure they all had a great disco to finish the evening – they looked like the dancing type, this lot! 🙂

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