Featured Wedding – Ross and Stephanie’s Amazing Wedding at Skipridge Country Weddings, York – 14th October 2017

Matthew Stephens All Day Wedding Package at Skipbridge Country Weddings

I think I’ll let the video do the talking on this one! I probably will on all my wedding blog entries from now on! I got a new GoPro with a pro gimbal for super smooth HD video recording to make highlights videos of my featured weddings and I’m super happy with the results! Especially for my first attempt.

First of all though, I should mention the amazing wedding venue that is Skipbridge Country Weddings. With it’s trademark vintage jalopy car-come flower bed (pictured below) you will always recognise the venue in a million wedding photographs around the internet when searching wedding venues in the North. I know a man that thinks it’s the best venue around and it’s hard to disagree with him. I loved every second of my work up there – the staff were great and fun to talk to, the location is perfect, the venue oozes character and it has lots of beautiful animals wandering around! What’s not to like!?

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matthew stephens all day wedding package with the skipbridge jalopy

One of the many unique features of Skipbridge is the whiskey bar in the Grain Silo (pictured below). These should be mandatory at every wedding!! All sat around the fire pit in a circle, having a sing-song with a beautiful whiskey, seeing out the evening in a unique and magical way. If you watch to the end section of the highlights video below you will see some fun being had in there. Strange that a circular tin hut should make such a great music venue, but when a crowd is in full song you can feel the place shake – it’s amazing.

matthew stephens all day wedding package at skipbridge

If you’re an animal fan too, Skipbridge is a great place to have your wedding – there are llamas, alpacas, peacocks strutting around (pictured below) emus, sheep, goats, leopards and elephants! Okay, I made those last two up! But there are loads of other beautiful animals around to see and some will even let you stroke them! There are a few popping up on the highlights video below.

Matthew Stephens All Day Wedding Package at Skipbridge Country Weddings

Now, a little about Ross and Steph’s big day, but as I say, the video captures it better than I could in words. Everyone (except the bride!) met at Skipbridge and then boarded a lovely double decker Pullman Coach and headed off to York registry office to meet up with the lovely bride for the ceremony. I took my guitar out on the bus there and back, just in case anyone wanted to rattle a few choruses of ‘The Wheels On The Bus’ off. But, alas, they didn’t – so I just played some background music as people chatted with excitement.

I had learned a special instrumental guitar piece for Steph’s aisle walk – a rendition of ‘Tale As Old As Time’ from ‘Beauty And The Beast.’ The track can be heard over the highlights video. I made a recording especially for the video of me playing it. A teary Steph walked down the aisle to it and I was very happy it went well!

Then it was back on the bus to have Pimm’s and champagne and to see out the rest of the day in Skipbridge fashion! This is where the video will take over! Enjoy!!

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I'm an acoustic wedding singer and DJ

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