Featured Wedding – The Garbutt and Gomes Wedding – The Crown Inn at Roecliffe on October 1st 2016

Matthew Stephens All Day Wedding Package at Roecliffe

Phew! What a long, but highly enjoyable day! I was hired by the lovely Camilla to play live music at the drinks reception, during the wedding breakfast, to sing the first dance and to provide a DJ service, so I arrived at The Crown Inn at Roecliffe early in the day and left late at night. It could have been a day that dragged along had it not been for the infectiously energetic guests that, luckily for me, were the kind of crowd that make long days like this fly by! 

I arrived at The Crown Inn with a good few hours to spare (as I always do) to leave me lots of time to set up. As the requirements of the happy couple meant that I had to move between three locations that day, (I had to be outside, under the canopy covered and decked area for the drinks reception; inside the main dining hall to play relaxing music during the wedding breakfast; and in a separate area with a dancefloor for the first dance and disco) I felt i needed that extra time to weigh up my options and set up the three different speaker systems I had brought. None of this clumsily dragging one set up around each location for me! I brought a small one for the quiet dinner music, a medium one for the drinks reception and a large one for the disco and incase Goldilocks showed up! Then I simply moved myself to each location when the times were right. It was extra work for me, but I think it really helps with the flow of the day to not have to keep waiting while the musician drags all his or her equipment from room to room.

The drinks reception was a low key affair with champagne and canopies being served on the beautifully lit, decked and covered garden area. There were heaters burning to warm the slightly crisp October day and everyone was just stood around, enjoying themselves and chatting while I played songs from the list of personal requests that Camilla had sent to me. A nice relaxed start to the festivities that were about to begin! 

After the drinks reception we were all asked to head in to the main hall for the wedding breakfast. I had been asked by Camilla when the booking was first taken, to play some nice, relaxing music during this time to accompany the diners. And this would’ve been a perfect plan had these been your normal guests! But they were not! They were a large gang of lively and vibrant party animals!
   Things started as I expected them to – I was playing unobtrusive, acoustic guitar music at a volume that could easily be talked over as is customary for a wedding breakfast. Then the tables nearest me started requesting songs (some sensible – some not – i.e ‘Rapper’s Delight!’) and before you knew it the quiet, relaxing music had morphed into a full on, rocking set! I can honestly say that I have never played ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ at a wedding breakfast before, whilst everyone is sat in their seats with their dinner in front of them, hands aloft and clapping to the beat like a Queen concert!! It was absolutely brilliant! What could have been a fairly long two hours of guitar music, flew by as the requests came thick and fast punctuated by singing, cheering and rounds of applause. What an absolute pleasure it was to be a part of it!
After that great and unique wedding breakfast, it was into the speeches, which was one of the very few parts of the day with which I wasn’t involved! This gave me a chance to get the disco lights turned on, the music at the ready and to get plugged in to sing the first dance straight after the cutting of the cake. Camilla and Thomas had chosen a fun option of having their first dance to the song ‘Ho! Hey!’ So after a little encouragement from me to get everyone in close and to shout the ‘Ho! Hey’s!’ that go through the song, they had a lovely, relaxed first dance that led straight into the disco.

As I expected with this great crowd – the disco was a very lively and dance filled celebration. Camilla is Brazilian so there were a lot of Brazilian people in attendance which I think helped to create the great, fun-filled atmosphere throughout the day and night. These guys really knew how to have a good time and the dancefloor was full for 95% of the night! I had lots of requests for certain Latino music that I didn’t have, but as always if I don’t have a certain song but people have them on their phones I am more than happy to play their music through my equipment. I did this often throughout the night and these guys showed me how it’s done! Lots of great dancing and cheering that went on up to the venue’s curfew of midnight! Such a fun celebration.

All in all I think the day was a great success. Everyone seemed to be having fun and I’d like to think i helped with that. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Thomas and Camilla’s special day, the day flew by and if I could I’d do it all again. 

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