Leanne & Brett Carter At Tankersley Manor 22nd July 2016

Matthew Stephens Wedding Drinks Reception Package at Tankersley Manor

I was playing a 40th birthday party about a month ago at Doncaster’s beautiful Cusworth Hall when I met Leanne. She was a guest at the party and I was extremely flattered that she saw me perform and booked me to play at her drinks reception on the spot. 

Cut to a month later and I’m playing at her champagne reception at Tankersley Manor, playing songs from the completely tailored set list that Leanne picked out herself (see picture). It was a beautiful day so i set up outside and played as the guests started to arrive from the church. Leanne arrived soon after, with her new husband Brett, in a jaw-droppingly nice, white, vintage Rolls Royce! It was a real talking point and all of the guests were admiring the car and having their pictures taken with it. Unfortunately I was playing when it arrived and playing when it left so I never got the chance to get a picture for my blog. I did however manage to snap a picture of the great cake decoration that had the bride and groom and their pet dog smiling away and surrounded by daisies! I’m a big dog lover so I particularly like that one! 

I carried on playing until all the guests had gone in for the wedding breakfast and then as the day was so beautiful I had a nice cold Peroni outside in the sun – be rude not to really! I really do love this job!

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