The Jones/Dowson Wedding in Hunmanby – 13th August 2016

Matthew Stephens All Day Wedding Package at Hunmanby

What a lovely couple! Such nice people and it was a pleasure to be able to help them. There must be something in the air these days because this was the third wedding in a very short space of time in which I was able to help the bride and groom after they had been left in the lurch at the last minute. This time the groom had booked a DJ some months back and when the time come to check on the booking as the date drew near – he was nowhere to be found! Luckily, the bride, Emma had seen me singing and DJing at a wedding a few years ago in beautiful Ravenscar and was able to get in touch with me to help them with a couple of weeks notice. Enter Matthew Stephens – Wedding Doctor!
   I was actually supposed to be booked in for a wedding in Morecambe, but I too had had a cancellation leaving me with that date free on short notice! It was a very lucky coincidence, or as Emma said – it was fate! 
   The couple were married nearby at Bessingby Church and then made their way over to The Piebald Inn, a lovely, traditional pub that has lovely gardens, a function room a vast pie menu, lots of local ales and even facilities for camper vans stopping over, where the lovely and super hard working Janine had organised everything and I was set up and ready to start singing for the drinks reception.
   The weather had been kind so I was able to set outside as Emma had requested to play for the guests. There was even two bouncy castles set up for the children to play on! The children were playing away and the adults were enjoying the sun whilst drinking and listening to the music – it made for a really nice, relaxed atmosphere that all ages were able to enjoy. There was lots of Pimms with fresh fruit and mint, fresh orange juice and sparkly to be enjoyed in the sun – it was just right. 
   The evening finished with a disco after the bride and groom had had a lovely first dance to the Disney song ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled. The kids joined in with the first dance as well, which was what the couple wanted; and it made for a lovely family moment. 
   The bride and groom were very pleased at the end of it all – and to me, that’s the most important thing. As long as they’re happy – I’m happy! It was a pleasure to help this lovely couple and I hope at some point I get to see them again at a future booking – I may even pop back to The Piebald Inn too for what could be the best chips I’ve ever had! 

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