The Wilkinson/Raw Wedding in Bedale – 30th July 2016

Matthew Stephens Daytime Wedding Package at Bedale

Wow! What a beautiful wedding with amazing attention to detail! Tom and Emma were married at a local church and then were driven back to their parents house for the drinks reception, wedding breakfast and disco in the most beautiful car I have ever seen! Marquees (plural!) were erected on Emma’s parents land to become the venues for the wedding and the disco; and the drinks reception took place on their beautifully decorated garden. The event felt really special, but I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this blog entry as words won’t cut it!

   I was hired to play the drinks reception and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it – the crowd were a lot of fun, kept asking for great requests, were up for a bit of friendly banter and a couple even got up and sang! There were lawn games laid out for people to play, hay bales with blankets to sit on, fairy lights in the trees with framed photographs of the happy couple hanging from them like fruits and more lovely drinks than you could shake a stick at! I just wish I’d been a guest!!!

  But, unfortunately for me – I wasn’t a guest! And I had to go straight from this beautiful place in Bedale, across to the other side of North Yorkshire to Falcon Manor in Settle, to sing for another happy couple. As I left though, I could hear the speeches taking place in the magnificently decorated, main marquee and people were roaring with laughter and bursting into spontaneous applause, so I can only assume that they had a great time!

A great day and a beautiful event that I was very lucky to be a part of! 

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