Charlotte and Steven’s wedding day and highlights video

I was contacted by Charlotte and Steven back in 2016! They needed my acoustic wedding singer and DJ services for their beautiful country wedding in North Wales and I was very happy to help. We met up to discuss their needs and had a good old chinwag to make sure the All Day Wedding Package met their specific requirements throughout the day.

After talking to them, I was really excited about making the trip to Wales! The style of their rustic, country wedding was something I could really get on board with. Steven was obviously very handy as he had made A LOT of beautifully presented lawn games, a seating plan on the frame of an old style bicycle, a donut stand and MUCH MORE! It all fitted with their theme perfectly and added an extra level to the decorations for the day.

Their musical choices were right up my alley too! Charlotte, Steven and all their guests were big music fans so we were able to have a great sing-a-long as well as a really fun disco. There was much dancing and singing throughout the day and night! All their guests went onto social media to say how amazing and perfect the day was which is a sign to me that things went well! (Scroll through the picture gallery below)

I also made Charlotte and Steven a little highlights video from some bits of footage I was able to grab throughout the day. (See below) They had hired a professional so I didn’t go crazy, but I just grabbed some bits and bats to capture a few something for them to look back on while on their honeymoon and are waiting for the real pro to finish his work! 

It was a great day surrounded by great people and I’d love to do it all again, but that’s not what this job is about. You get one shot. A bit like Eminem. 🙂 

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  1. Just want to say a massive thank you to Matt for everything, from meeting up with us before hand to discuss how we wanted the day to go, to the actual day when we could just let him get on with it. Our venue was tricky as it’s so big lots of different marques/ barns and I wasn’t sure how it was going to work but Matt just rolled with it the guests absolutely loved him and we had a right good sing along at the end of the night even to the point some of the guests have added him on face book because he’s such a legend! Can’t wait to try and get him to Manchester for a night out!! If your looking for a bespoke singer and DJ look no further. Thank you so much Matt for making our day so special lots of love Charlotte and Steven xxx

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