Lisa and Daniel’s Social Media Highlight Video

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What a day and what a crowd! The couple and the guests were the absolute perfect audience for a wedding singer and DJ like myself. A big old crowd of live music fans that loved to get involved (which I like!) and loved to dance the night away! There was a 12:30am curfew at the lovely Bashall Barn, situated in the Clitheroe hills, but I know we could have gone all night long!

Lisa and Dan hired me all day, but decided they just wanted me to liven up the classic ‘wedding lull’ after the wedding breakfast and provide evening entertainment. The lull that can often happen after everyone has eaten and is waiting for the evening celebrations to start. That wasn’t to be at this wedding! We went out onto the terrace, surrounded by the beautiful scenery and had one hell of a sing-song! We had requests, loud sing-a-longs, guests appearances by the bride and maid of honour – the whole shabang! The bride and groom snook some cheeky ‘pre-first dance’ first dancing in as the sun beamed down on what was shaping up to be perfect wedding weather. It was marvellous!

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I’d meant to bring my own camera along and grab some footage, but somehow I’d completely forgot. It wasn’t to matter anyway as Lisa and Dan had hired the amazing (and I mean that word in the truest sense) Amy Louise Photography And Film to capture their day. I’ve seen the trailer Amy has put together of the day and I can’t say how astounded I was! You must check her out if you’re considering a videographer for your wedding day! 

As I hadn’t got my camera I decided to make a little highlights video from the wealth of pictures and videos posted to social media by the amazing guests. The video I made can be found below and gives a little flavour of the venue, guests and the lovely couple. Enjoy!


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