Custom wedding music

Everything about your wedding day is customised to you. Therefore, there is no reason you shouldn’t have your own custom wedding music! Your flowers, your dresses and suits, your wedding cake, etc, are a reflection of your tastes on the day. That’s why I go the extra mile to provide certain services that are above and beyond what the average wedding musician will provide.

*Custom wedding entrance music.
*Specially created versions of your songs.
*Unique recordings of your songs.
*Digital remixes created to your specifications.
*ANYTHING you can imagine!

instrumental entrance music

 An instrumental guitar piece can be an amazingly fitting way to fit your special song into the wedding ceremony. There is something about an acoustic guitar playing an instrumental version of any song that is totally classic and timeless.

special recordings

I make special recordings of chosen songs on request for my customers. Custom recordings can be made for the aisle walk or as a keepsake after the day. Or sometimes, the recordings are created with input from the customers. I rewrite their special song with lyrics that are about their history and relationship. The ‘Custom Rewrites’ are examples of this. Totally unique recordings that can be kept forever.

remixes & Mashups

The custom wedding music in this case is a completely different affair! Using my digital music editing skills I can create remixes, special edits and custom versions of your favourite songs for your first dance, wedding entrance music, or even your wedding exit music. In fact, for any situation you can think of! Below are some examples of the things I can do for you.

Not 19 Forever - Acoustic Version/Single Version Mashup

You can see from the examples above that if it is possible – I will do it for you! Please contact me by clicking the link below to visit my ‘Quick Quote’ page to find out how I can make your ideas for your big day become a reality!