‘Customised Wedding Recordings’

I’ve spent a lot of time lately making custom wedding recordings for people. I’m not sure how it happened, but I just received a lot of enquiries asking if I could record a song in a certain way to be used for a first dance or aisle walk. I wasn’t asked to sing at these weddings and my only presence would be the recording on the day. 

Of course, I said yes and after some general questions and enquiries, I got to work! It’s very time consuming and is a very specialist task. But, I think it’s worth it. The couple now have a keepsake that lasts forever, is totally personal to them and is great to break out on anniversaries. I’ll outline a few of the options below. Please visit my Custom Wedding Music page to see further options too. 

the lull and your wedding singer


This is a fun option. You make take a song that means something to you as a couple and have the lyrics changed to fit your history together. 

This is exactly what Mark did. He asked me to rewrite the song ‘I Am Yours’ by Andy Grammar to surprise his bride as their first dance! He gave me a lot of details about them as a couple – how they met, their first dates, their favourite football teams, their early housing struggles, some nice thoughts he wanted to drop in….. and I set about making them fit with the music. I’ll add the MP3 below and let people judge if they think I did a good job, but I was very happy with the results. I think we got the balance just right. And yes, I’m playing the piano! Just don’t ask me to do it at your wedding!

the lull song requests


This one was a totally different proposition! Laura messaged me because she too wanted to surprise her partner with a custom recording. They both love Gerry Cinnamon and were talking one night that they’d love if they could get someone to do an acoustic version that mashed up into the Gerry version. So, she dropped me a line!

Phew! This was no mean feat! I had to somehow record a slow version and make it seamlessly mix into the very fast version by Gerry. It sounds simple enough, but getting two COMPLETELY different recordings and tempos to blend in a way that isn’t horrible to the ear is very tricky. Laura told me where she wanted it to blend, so I used some cunning samples and a rising tempo on the guitar and I’d say we nailed it. Have a listen below!


Again, a totally different set of circumstances. Tegan and Ashley had me all day at their wedding at Woodhall Spa Manor. While there, I sang their first dance in the evening. They chose ‘Home’ by Edward and The Magnetic Zeros. A cracking tune, but it’s a duet by a man and a woman that features lots of whistling. Trouble is, I can’t whistle and I’m not a woman. 🙂

Luckily, they gave me full permission to ‘make it my own.’ And I did. I put my own spin on it that made it a great live first dance tune. I did the first half slow, got everyone up on the dance floor and kicked the second half in faster and harder. It’s always a good approach in my opinion. Anyhooo, when Tegan and Ashley were watching the videos back, they decided they liked my version so much that they paid me to do a recording of it to keep forever. I was REALLY pleased with how this one turned out too. I left it very raw and rough around the edges. That was the aim on the night and so the recording had to be the same way.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts! If you have your own recording Ideas, please don’t be shy. Hit me up and we’ll get to work! 

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