woodland Wedding singer and dj – Kat and Phil’s Enchanted Woodland Wedding!

Only a 14 hour day for this woodland wedding singer and DJ this time! But my lord – it flew by! One minute I was leaving my house at 10 am to make my way to the private woodland that Kat and Phil’s wedding was taking place on – the next minute I looked at my watch and it was 6 in the afternoon! I suppose it was because I had so much to do and to prepare that I didn’t have the chance to pause and look at my watch!

woodland Wedding ceremony

I had a lot to think about this day as the services required were varied and in lots of different areas of Kat and Phil’s friend’s property with adjoining woodland. I had to make the song ‘Pure Imagination’, sang by Gene Wilder, from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory play from the trees as people entered the beautifully decorated enchanted woodland. I also provided smoke and bubbles at the entrance to give added enchanted-ness! 

   It was a great and original idea by Kat and Phil. To have the guests enjoying drinks and then to be sent down the windy path into the woods to be greeted by the perfect choice of music, with a light sprinkling of mystical smoke and playful bubbles! It really worked! It genuinely felt special. The winding path, the music, the special effects and the brilliant decoration of the woods for the ceremony all came together to create a unique little atmosphere.

After the ceremony it was time for a drinks reception on the hillside while people enjoyed the cool and rustic style photo booth and a glass of champagne – not to mention the amazing views! So I just grabbed my portable PA system and started taking and playing requests from the guests as they drank and chatted. They were a really fun crowd and gave me lots of suggestions for songs. I particularly liked the many requests from one Liverpudlian man in attendance that kept shouting out obscure Beatles songs for me to play! I was more than happy to oblige!

  There were so many different zones for this wedding – the woodland, the barn, the bar and seating area, some decking with a small marquee and disco lighting and even more! My job was to move around these areas with my portable system and play to whoever was there, mingling in, taking requests and having fun. So I did a set to some people that had set up shop near the barn, but it quickly became apparent that everyone would mainly be congregating by the bar, (Surprise! Surprise!) so I set up shop in that area and set to work! I played and sang for a total of about 6 hours with a couple of breaks! But, it was all so much fun and the crowd were so up for a laugh that everything just flew by. Perfect. 

As night started falling, Kat and Phil invited everyone down to the barn area for their first dance. It was another lovely and well decorated area of the property, filled with lovely lighting, beautifully presented sweeties of all kinds, wedding favours, rustic tree stumps for stools and a lot more! It was the perfect place for a dusky first dance, the lovely ‘sparkler photos’ of the wedding party and the fireworks display that happened a little later! Yes, Kat and Phil pulled out all the stops! It was all like a fun little mini festival/carnival which is what I think they were going for. Either way, it was certainly memorable and a lot of fun.

As the evening wore on to the final stage all that was left was for a late night, woodland disco for the guests that had made their way to that area. People were dancing and having fun under the marquee and the woodland looked especially beautiful being lit by all the fairy lights, candles and disco lighting that was flashing across the trees. It was quite a spectacle! And most of all, it was all totally in keeping with this wedding! It was a little bit different and A LOT of fun!

acoustic woodland wedding singer

As a wedding guitarist I can fit into ANY situation. From quiet instrumental guitar wedding music to upbeat covers to fill a dance floor! A chilled acoustic session to a guitar soloing, drum looping, bass pumping full band sound! From very quiet to VERY loud! 

I play over 300 well known hits from all eras! Including songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Oasis and George Ezra. All the way through to rock classics by Queen, Bryan Adams, Kings Of Leon and many more!

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*Any music style
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