‘the lull’ at your wedding

What is ‘the lull’ and what can you do to keep the energy up during this period? Well, ‘the lull’ is the gap between the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening reception. At a lot of venues, you’ll be asked to leave the room you just ate in and the venue will ‘turn the room around’ so that it will be better suited to the evening reception. This is the point that the DJ/entertainer will often set up as the venue staff remove tables, lay down the dance floor, etc.

But, with the right entertainment, this can be the best and most useful part of the day in my opinion.

the lull and your wedding singer


There are many ways to use the lull. I’ll often get among people and get singalongs going. It’s often the first part of the day where people are ready to ‘get loose’ as they’ve had a few drinks by this point and are really getting into a party mood! But, the venue and schedule is the most important factor of being able to achieve this when hiring me for The All Day Wedding Music Package. 

If you hired me to just sing in the lull, then no considerations are needed. I can just bring my mobile speaker to wherever people are and get stuck in! But, if you have hired me for the all day package, it’s not quite as simple. Here’s the basic principle behind it – if I can get set up for the evening at some point during the day, I’ll be free to play in the lull. If I have to set up when the room is turned around, I’ll obviously be unable to. If a venue has space and allows it, I’ll either get there early to set up or I’ll set up while people are eating the wedding breakfast. That way, you get the maximum value and entertainment from my services!

the lull song requests


It’s not a totally selfless act when I try and make sure I do the lull as part of my all day package. It really helps ME as well. There are a few reasons for this and the first of those is I get the guests more ready for a party, which means they dance and sing more during the evening reception. The second is it gets everyone on my side, which again, makes the chances of a successful party higher. Another reason is I get to know the guests for an hour. I find out some of what makes them all sing and dance. I could go on, but these are the main benefits and they all centre around a better party for you and your guests!



So, hopefully I’ve helped you understand why you don’t have to settle for a lull! You can have ‘The Party, Part 1’ and lead everyone into the evening reception at a running start. It’s like the starter for the main course! Even if you hired me all day and scheduling/venue restrictions won’t allow me to be free for the lull. There are lots of options out there – a photo booth or a magician for example. Don’t allow the lull to be a guest at your wedding! 

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