how I WILL HELP organise your wedding music

Weddings involve a great many details that need an awful lot of planning! So, wherever possible it is best to opt for a supplier that lightens the load. Read my wedding music tips to get you on your way to the perfect day!

When it comes to arranging the music for your wedding there is no better way to achieve great results with minimal stress than by finding someone who can fulfil all of the musical possibilities that your wedding creates. There’s the ceremony, the drinks reception, the wedding breakfast, the classic ‘lull’ and of course the all important evening celebrations! Finding someone capable of fulfilling these demands can be tricky. But, a good supplier will relish the challenge and give you lots of wedding music tips. Of course, you will only do this once, but they will have done this to a high standard hundreds of times!




Getting the music right at each stage of a wedding is a delicate balance. From the unobtrusive, yet stimulating sounds required to augment the perfect reception, to matching the mood of the unique characteristics of each ceremony – there are challenges around every corner! Then comes the evening. Here, I will also become the DJ and the selection can be tailored to ALL tastes. Of course, for each stage of the event in which music is required the couple can have as much or as little input as they would like and I will bend over backwards to ensure that the right tone is struck and their music is the most easy part of their day to plan.



This is the focal point and most personal part of the day. The wedding ceremony itself needs direction from the couple and I am incredibly experienced in ensuring that the minute details are all in place come the big day. Striking the right note, (pun intended!) in the ceremony is vital and we can bounce ideas off each other and I can give some tips in choosing the right music for your big occasion. As always, my biggest tip is to choose what YOU like or what means something to you as a couple. No matter what it is! You only get to do this once. Don’t be constricted by what other may think or do.


Opting for live music during those celebratory ‘break the ice’ drinks at a wedding reception helps to create a wonderful atmosphere and often acts as entertainment for your guests as you’re whisked away for photos. Acoustic music works brilliantly here and years of experience have given me a tremendous insight into what works best, but I’m always open to suggestions and guidance when it comes to adding personal touches to your reception music.


Some people like to have live music during the meal. Others welcome a little entertainment between courses. Although, in my experience the most popular option seems to be a certain playlist picked by the happy couple and played at an unobtrusive volume. But, I am happy to cater to all tastes and discuss your options. One thing I mention to my customers that hire me for the ‘All Day Wedding Music Package’ is for them to be wary of overkill. If you’ve had me playing during the ceremony and drinks reception, it can be a good idea to let people have a break whilst they eat and enjoy a chat over a drink.


‘The Lull’ is the general lull in the action between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. But, despite the name this time has to be anything but a lull! One of my favourite wedding music tips is to make use of ‘The Lull!’ In my experience this can be one of the best sections of the day! But, you need the right crowd of course. Everyone is ‘oiled up’ with free wine over dinner so, this is usually the first point in the day that you can get some real crowd interaction going. I can go from table to table and take requests or get a rowdy singalong echoing around your venue as your guests really start to get ready for the evening to begin.


The evening reception celebrations are when the musical entertainment from your day should peak. Dance floor filling live music and entertaining DJ sets are the order of the day! My whole aim is to keep that dance floor full as long as I possibly can. I will play ANYTHING that the customers and guests desire. We can work together to put the perfect DJ sets together or I can use my experience to tailor to your crowd on the fly. Both work well in my experience. As well as the DJ sets we can have live music to fill the dance floor and the all important first dance! I can play the first dance live or from an original track. I can create custom versions of your special track also. If you can think it up – it is possible!

‘If you can think it up – it is possible!’ That sums up my whole approach really. I encourage my couples to use their imagination and I help them see the endless possibility available when using me to sculpt your day’s music from start to finish. I often present fun options to my couples that they haven’t even considered. If I can do this AND make the music the most fun and easiest to plan part of their wedding – I am doing my job exactly as I intend to do it. Please visit my Instagram to see me putting all of my wedding music tips into action!

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