Questions to ask your wedding singer

Hiring a wedding professional in any field can be a daunting prospect, but the entertainment is so important to the enjoyment of your day that I would argue (but, I am biased Haha!) that the wedding singer or wedding DJ that you employ is the most important of all suppliers. Here are a few questions to consider when talking through the services of your potential entertainers.

Wedding singer Questions

Number 1 is of course, ‘Is my date available?’

If the answer is no, then all the flooding questions become moot! A joke, of course. Also, your initial enquiry should cover cost. The are the absolute basics to cover before you can move forward.

Number 2 is, ‘What is the level of your experience?’

Hiring an experienced wedding singer or wedding DJ is VERY important! A lot of the reasons why are outlined HERE in my previous blog post.

Number 3 is, ‘Where can I see REAL reviews of your services?’

A LOT of reviews on the internet these days are totally false. Provided by family members or friends and totally biased. If an acoustic wedding singer has a lot of reviews from family and friends – you seriously have to consider the integrity of that rating. It’s extremely easy for someone with a lot of contacts to achieve massively high ratings on websites. Look for REAL comments by REAL brides and grooms.

Number 4 is ‘Can we meet?’

Having a meeting with your chosen or potential wedding professional is a very easy way to get the vibe of their services and whether you will be a good fit for each other personality-wise.

Number 5 is ‘How do I see your socials?’

Getting on a supplier’s social media is often a good way to get a good reflection of the quality of the work. Have a good old scroll through and look at the comments – you should see lots of happy brides and grooms saying that they had an amazing day!

Number 6 is ‘Are you familiar with my venue?’

Venues have a lot of nooks and crannies that can help in the enjoyment of your day. The chances are that if your supplier has been there before that they can make the most of that venue for you. Your supplier should be able to liaise with venue staff also.

Number 7 is ‘Are you flexible with the music choices?’

Many suppliers claim to be flexible and then just play what they always play! Make sure your sup[plier is genuinely aware that your choices are important to you and the you EXPECT to hear them on the big day!

Number 8 is ‘Can You Help Me Plan My Music?’

A good supplier will help you sculpt your mic in ways you never thought possible! A good wedding singer will make your wedding music more personal that you had considered possible! Make sure your wedding musician can customise your music to reflect you as a couple and entertain your guests at the same time.

Number 9 is ‘Can you cope with restrictions?’

Many venues have many various restrictions. Neighbours that insist music doesn’t reach a certain volume, strict curfew times, various rooms to play in, noise meters – the list is endless! Make sure your acoustic wedding singer has a plan in place for all these situations.

Number 10 is ‘Do you have all necessary tests and insurances?’

This is a very important question! A pro will have all these as a matter of course, but if your supplier doesn’t have these it’s a sign that they are inexperienced. Only choose a wedding singer and DJ that has these in place – most venues won’t allow them in without it.

I hope this helps any potential customers find their entertainment whether they choose me or another supplier. Whether I’m there or not, I only hope that EVERY couple gets the day the always wanted!

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