Why hire a wedding singer and not just a guy on a guitar? It’s a fair question and when you think of the extra expense – it’s one that deserves an answer. 

I may be biased, but I would say that a musician that covers every part of the day with ‘All Day Wedding Music Packages’ is the most specialised job within the wedding industry. The next would be a professional wedding planner. Simply because of the vast knowledge of the industry they hold. And of course, the logistics involved in planning a whole wedding day. A wedding musician and DJ of my level of experience and expertise covers a lot of the similar bases knowledge wise as a wedding planner. But, we also should have a mass of musical wedding experience! This is obviously a VERY specialised skill in itself.

why hire a wedding singer


 A musician such as myself will have knowledge of the many ‘moments’ that create the whole picture during your wedding.  They will also instinctively know how to sculpt and tailor these moments! Sculpting them in way that gets the most from them for you and your guests AND reflects your personal tastes. 

For example, running the music during a high pressure, one shot type situation such as the wedding ceremony is no mean feat. Within that part of the day alone, there are so many little moments and cues that someone who isn’t a seasoned professional may get wrong or simply struggle with. 

And the ceremony is just the start of the day – literally. There are many points during the day that a random guy on a guitar simply won’t be familiar with. I’d love to list them all, but that would give away the business secrets! Of course, I’d be happy to discuss everything during a meeting or over the phone with potential customers.


 Another skill of the professional musician providing all day packages is knowing the way in which a wedding ebbs and flows for the guests. A wedding is very unique, day long event. Especially when it comes to live music. Not only is it a rollercoaster of nerves and emotion for the bride and groom, there are various peaks and troughs for the guests. It’s a little known fact that it’s actually the guests that are the secret ingredient to your big day! A good wedding musician will get the most from that ingredient.

From creating to tension before the bride’s entrance to filling the dance floor at night! It’s all second nature for a top acoustic wedding singer and DJ. Every couple wants their day to be fun for their guests and your musician should keep them entertained and get them involved. If they’d like to be that is! No one wants a pushy Butlins-style entertainer that is hassling people and trying to force the fun. Knowing when to ease off during a wedding day is as much of a skill as knowing when to dial it up.

The energy of a wedding goes up and down with varying emotions throughout the day and usually ends with a big peak during the evening celebrations. Knowing how to spot when a crowd is feeling a certain vibe or emotion – and then complimenting it is an art in itself. And these types of skills are the ones that separate even a good musician, employed to play through the drinks reception or a band to play from a set list at night, from a musician that is sculpting your day’s music in reaction to the varying moments and changes that can pop up at any time.

And of course, weddings aren’t all the same! But, an experienced musician will know how to tailor music to all type of situations! Venue layouts, seasons, schedules, sudden weather changes – the list goes on and on! There are so many variables to a wedding day that a pro will adjust to instantly. Often we have already discussed with the planner and venue before it has even sprung to your mind!


Wedding musicians will also be experienced at working with various wedding professionals. This is very important. Photographers, toastmasters, venue staff (like the ones at Garden Weddings Tipi Hire) and owners, wedding planners, videographers, venue dressers – anything you can think of!  These wedding pros will often have various interactions with each other that are dependent on your choices. Or simply to determine what will be best for you logistically.

Good wedding pros won’t bother you with these various stresses. They will simply get on with making sure you get the best service possible. We should all be working together towards one goal. Making your day the best it can be! And of course, a team can only be a good as the weakest link. A musician that is lacking in skill and knowledge will affect the service from all your wedding professionals.

We will be liaising with photographers and videographers to make sure you get everything in order visually for your first dance. We will be working on cues from your wedding planner and toastmaster too. These are just two of the many ways a good musician will make sure you have perfect memories of your day for the years to come.

I could go on and on! But, hopefully you can see from my descriptions here that there is a lot more goes into being a wedding musician than someone playing a standard gig. It’s a very specialised area that crosses being a musician with the service industry. Being a musician is one thing, but complimenting the biggest moments in someone’s lives is a different game altogether.

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