Featured Wedding – Fiona And Darren’s big day at Gomersal Park Hotel – 14th July 2017

Matthew Stephens Evening Wedding Party at Gomersal Park Hotel


Well, that was the most flowing and chilled wedding ever! Whether that was all down to me, just me and only me – or down to all the other great suppliers and the hard working venue is anyone’s guess. But, I have my suspicions! 🙂 

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park mrs and mrs letters

I arrived bright and early, as always, for the all day weddings. Just to get a good feel for the venue, to talk to the relevant staff and discuss and double check all the timings and locations with the day’s plan of action that I have written out long before the date arrives. I’ve learned you can never have too much time to prepare for weddings! Ask any wedding supplier and they’ll tell you the same – the longer the better! On this occasion I was able to get everything ready and in place with plenty of time to spare – so much time to spare in fact that I had time to help dress the room ready for the ceremony as the brilliant Flowers And Events By Cathryn had run into a few issues and needed as much help as they could get! They did it all on time though and the room looked beautiful for the ceremony and then was redecorated for the evening celebration in a completely different way!! (see pictures) Everything looked just right and due to the lighting the room looked better and better as the evening drew on.

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park room decoration

I particularly liked the very sparkly theme of the day! There were sequins and sparkles everywhere from the cake to the table cloth and decorations – right up to the gorgeous bridesmaids dresses! It really tied everything together and made the room feel special. I’m not sure if I was a drag act in a previous life, as I’m just drawn to sparkly things!! Why do girls get sparkly stuff and I have to wear a shirt!!? It’s not fair!! I was either a drag act or a crow in a previous life – definitely one or the other!

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park head table

As I mentioned, everything just flowed so well without a hitch that it’s very hard to find something noteworthy to write about – everything was just so straightforward. One thing I would mention though was the massive unprofessionalism by one of the registrars. I’m sure the drop dead gorgeous Fiona and the cool as a cucumber Darren didn’t notice as they were so caught up in their lovely ceremony, complete with very cute, little usher boys carrying the rings and a sign that said ‘Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single!’ 🙂

But, one of those registrars was a disgrace – rifling through her bag during the vows as if it was the end of a school lesson she was desperate to leave, opening and closing a zip up pencil case, scratching away testing pens, talking during the ceremony to tell the photographer, ‘can you not take pictures over my shoulder’ (this is from behind remember – not in her eyes!!!), talking to guests during the signing of the register about how the candles were a fire hazard – I could go on!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I was sat in the corner nearest the end of the aisle as I was playing the music for the ceremony, so I was very near her and the front row guests and I know from how we looked at each other that they had noticed and were as shocked as I was!

I mean, here’s Darren and Fiona on their super special, one off day, that they can never get back and here’s this arse (I’m sorry! No, I’m not! Haha) acting as if the day belongs to her! Lots of the guests were in tears as they were so close and so invested in the happy couple. So happy to see them and to share their big day in a bubble of happiness – and if that woman popped the bubble for just one person, it’s still too many! 

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park wedding cake

But, this little annoyance aside – the rest of the day was perfect as far as I could tell. The staff at Gomersal Park Hotel were brilliant! Super professional while being totally personable and warm. I would 100% recommend it as a wedding venue having seen first hand how well organised they were! in fact, I’m currently planning for my wedding next year and as it’s not too far from me I may have to add it to the list of possibilities for my wedding! 

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park table decorations

The drinks reception was very nice too – I just used my portable speaker system to move around, mingling, indoors and out, singing and playing whatever the guests requested. That’s my party trick – you say em, I’ll play em! Unless I don’t know them! haha Then you may be disappointed! 🙂

matthew stephens all day wedding package gomersal park visitor table

After the drinks reception we went into a really fun disco on the light up dance floor. The room looked amazing thank to the uplighting, my laser lighting and the 1000 candles that were lit! As requested by the bride, we even got one fellow to sing All Night Long by Lionel Richie while everyone danced! I like to do things like that and always get someone up singing if I can – I even have a spare guitar with me and if i can get someone up playing that too, I will. 
   These guys were just one of those great crowds where we were just in tune and I couldn’t seem to miss when it came to song choices. Either that or this lot would just dance to anything! Again – I have my suspicions! 🙂 

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