Falcon Manor wedding SINGER and dj – adele and daniel delaney

The second wedding booking of the day on 30th July was to provide my Falcon Manor Wedding Singer services and to sing the first dance for the newly married Adele and Daniel Delaney. Unfortunately for Adele and Daniel they had been let down with 24 hours notice by another Yorkshire wedding singer so I stepped in last minute to sing their chosen first dance ‘Ho! Hey!’ by The Lumineers, to provide some light entertainment with a relaxed set whilst the room was turned around after the speeches to make way for the disco; and then to provide another upbeat set straight after the first dance to lead the guests into the big knees up they had planned. And what a knees up it was!!!

As is often the case, Adele had requested that I set up to entertain the guests outside while they waited for the room to be set up for the evening drinks – unfortunately, as is also often the case in these lovely British Isles, the weather was changing from a relatively warm evening into a possible rain shower. So I had to make the always difficult call whether to risk setting up outside – and possibly being rained off with no one to play to – or to set up inside knowing that the weather could buck up it’s ideas and I could be left playing to an empty bar, which would mean taking all the equipment outside anyway! It’s always hard to judge, but as the sky was filled with dark clouds and the rain was starting to spit, I was left with no choice but to set up indoors. Then the weather cleared up anyway! But, as the bar area was very full and I was having a good laugh, talking to and taking requests from the guests inside, I decided to remain inside. There were so many guests that every area of Falcon Manor was brimming with people anyway so it all worked out in the end! Phew!

After the relaxed set in the bar was finished I had to hot-foot it through to the main room and set up ready to go straight into the first dance after the cutting of the cake. The large crowd of guests filled the room to watch the happy couple cut their beautiful cake and met the occasion with many loud cheers! Adele had specified to me the day before (in the one phone call and opportunity we had to talk to each other on such short notice!!) that they really wanted some audience participation on the ho’s and the heys of Ho! Hey! So as the cake was carried away and the bride and groom were introduced for the first dance, I struck up the opening chords and corralled the audience into singing along. And sing they did! This crowd were the best I’d seen for a very long time. They were so enthusiastic and took part so whole heartedly – it really made this first dance feel special. It was a big, upbeat, barn dance of a song thanks to these great guests and that was just what the bride and groom wanted. Everyone was clapping and stomping their feet whilst singing along at the top of their voices as the bride and groom had a very fun dance in the middle. It was absolutely brilliant! A real celebration!

From there it was straight into the upbeat set that Adele had requested. Again, this crowd were amazing! I wish I could hire them and take them everywhere with me! I did all my favourite upbeat numbers and they were dancing and singing along so enthusiastically that their energy was infectious! Their energy made me up my performance and I ended up COMPLETELY covered in sweat! It was in my eyes to the point where I couldn’t see, but I just couldn’t stop putting in everything I had for this amazing audience.

When I played and sang in a rock n roll band for years as a youngster, I would be drip-wet through every night, but as an acoustic wedding singer the chances to rock out are much more few and far between. I was so pleased this audience gave me that chance and I told them all how amazing I thought they were! When I’d finished my set I started to pack up to head home and the guests were well into what looked to be a fun knees up of a disco. The dance floor was packed and everyone was having a ball to the string of tradition Irish barn stormers that the bride and groom had requested. It really was a sight to see! Everyone up and having such a good time! I cannot wait to see the pictures, taken CT Images, who are also responsible for the gorgeous pictures featured in this blog entry.

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I play over 300 well known hits from all eras! Including songs by artists such as Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Oasis and George Ezra. All the way through to rock classics by Queen, Bryan Adams, Kings Of Leon and many more!

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