For a long time I wanted to write a blog post on some of the options for the first dance. Now, after scratching my head about how to piece it all together, I’m beginning to regret it. There are SO many! I could build a whole website around it. So, I’m gonna touch on the main ones that pop up for me and hopefully my customers reading this can take some inspiration.

The first dance is generally the last nerve-racking part of the day for a new couple. The ceremony has taken place, the speeches are out of the way and there is just the first dance left before they can really let their hair down. 99% of couples are anxious about a first dance and just want to get it done! But, after doing one, most couples wish they could do it again and really didn’t feel like it was that bad. It can be a lot of fun and it’s another chance to put your own little musical stamp on the day. Whether it’s a fun dance, or a touching one – there are many options open to you.

the lull and your wedding singer


Get your chosen DJ to play a track you have chosen and get everyone on the dance floor half way through. I obviously sing a lot of first dances, but if a couple has a very specific recording of a track in mind, I always tell them to use it. The common thing couples say is that they want everyone up with them as quickly as possible too. So, I usually leave enough time for the photographers to snap the required pics and then ask everyone to join the happy coupe on the dance floor. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by loved ones and it’s time to party!


I obviously do this one a lot. I love it. The main reason is that I get to ask everyone up onto the dance floor and then I have a running start, with a packed dance floor to go straight into my first live set of the evening.

    There are never ending options here too. I can play the song straight through. I can mash-up your first dance into another song. I can do the first half slow, get the dance floor full and then kick in hard for the second half. This is VERY popular and I think it’s my favourite. Although, whatever the couple choses is always fine by me!

the lull song requests


I’ve done many specially tailored pieces of music for my couples. People may pick a song they love and have me change the lyrics to fit them. We can make it funny, soppy or both! Makes a great anniversary treat too.

    Or I can make a custom recording of a special song. This has been very popular over the years. I’ve done acoustic style versions of songs like Chase and Status’ ‘End Credits’ and the ‘Game Of Thrones’ theme song. Both songs that meant something to the couple, but otherwise wouldn’t usually work for a first dance.


Just a friendly bit of advice! It’s something I tell my customers over and over – ‘Don’t get caught up with ideas of what other people had or what you think ‘should’ fit. Don’t get bogged down in ballads if that’s not your vibe. You pick WHATEVER you guys like and t’s MY job to make it work for you guys. 

    We’ve done it all – from dance music to country and everything in between. And it’s always been great. I’ll tailor the song to you guys and to the situation.



A lot of couples take this route too! Get rid of the rule book and just do whatever you please! I’ve taken care of the music for dance-offs, choreographed routines, flash mobs, traditional cultural dances, everybody up at once, first dance on the lawns, first dance as the last dance, huge entrances – ANYTHING you can think of!

    If it’s what you what – you have to go for it. It will make things memorable and fun. Not to mention, the pictures and videos will be amazing!

Well, I think I’ve covered a lot of ground there, but the possibilities are endless. My aim when I was writing this was to free my couple’s imaginations when choosing one of the most personal parts of their day. To make sure their first dance represents THEM. Nothing else matters. Or, do what my wife and I did, tear up the script and don’t do a first dance. 🙂