When to have live music at your wedding?

When are the best parts to have live music at your wedding? Well, I know I’m biased, but I honestly think that every part of the day holds a special place for live music. Whether you choose an acoustic wedding singer such as myself, a band, a string quartet, a harpist or any other of the many options available to you – you can guarantee that good live musicians will elevate the day.

live music at your wedding


This is an obvious choice and for good reason. Your wedding is the most personal day of your life. And the most personal part of that day is the ceremony. So, why would you not have personally tailored music by a great live musician? Yes, of course, you can play a nice track from an MP3 if it means something to you. But, the whole scene is elevated by a live wedding musician in my opinion. The scope for tailoring the aisle song to your needs is so much greater. Maybe you’d like a specific verse? Or perhaps you’d like a shorter intro? Maybe you’d like it to end naturally and not just fade out? The possibilities are endless and your musician will bring them to life for you.

And of course, a live musician playing as guests are seated before the ceremony is a beautiful atmosphere setter. Creating the perfect vibe before the big moment. Or creating a big moment as you exit the ceremony as the new Mr and Mrs. Nothing finishes things with a bang quite like live music.

live music for your wedding ceremony


Another classic time for live music to take place. Maybe you have a musician that can take care of the entire day, as I do. Or maybe you have various musicians throughout the day and choose something a bit different for the drinks. Whatever you choose, it’s always great after the big moment to have guests chatting, enjoying drinks and nibbles and having live music playing to keep the energy up.

I like a nice balance at this point. You want something that sets the vibe, creates a nice atmosphere, keeps things upbeat after the big moment and acts as entertainment as photographs are taken. I think an acoustic player taking requests and playing upbeat music is perfect. But, I would say that, wouldn’t I? ūüôā

when to have live music at your wedding



It’s not something I’m often asked to do, but it’s amazing how much fun can be had during the wedding breakfast with live music. Be it singing waiters, a singer like myself doing singalongs between courses or just someone providing some gentle music at a restaurant level as people eat – it’s another part of your day where live music is a definite possibility and has been used by many people with great success.


Another great spot for live music – possibly my favourite, as it happens! I’ll not whittle on here as I’ve written a full blog post on this section of the day before. Read all I have to say – HERE.

the lull song requests


This is perhaps the most well known place that people expect live music throughout the wedding day. Lots of people picture the classic wedding band and DJ set up, but it’s just as common these days to see a singer and guitarist busting out dance floor filling singalong tunes, or an Ibiza-style saxophonist, for example. As always, when thinking of live music – the possibilities go on and on. Every couple and every crowd has their own vibe and you can guarantee there’s musicians out there to match.

And who could forget the first dance? There’s nothing quite matches the romance of a custom first dance sang live. You can have a nice ballad, a mash-up of your favourite tunes or a special song that means something to you as a couple. Each performance by a musician is individual and unique in a way that a track from an MP3 can never quite match.

I could go on all day, but I’m sure you can see at this point that the scope for live music on your big day is endless! Any place and any time of the day – you can find live music will reflect your tastes as a couple and entertain your guests.

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